April 2018

News Letter

Issue 9

Dreaded Rodents

Spring is officially upon us.  The birds are starting to make their way back, and the critters are starting to become more active.  Many people seek enjoyment in feeding the birds at there homes, but they aren’t the only ones looking for a meal.  Along with the birds their are some critters you may not see, rodents such as mice and squirrels many show up for an easy meal.

As we all know during the cold months of winter the bears like to find warm dens to hibernate.  These are not the only critters looking for a warm place to stay.  Rodents tend to look for a cozy place to set up shop too.  One of there favorite places, is under vehicle hoods and sometimes even inside a vehicle.  The most common nesting place is inside the air filter housing of a vehicle.  This might not seem like a big deal and in most cases its not an issue.  In some cases the rodents may nibble on the air filter, this creates a hole for dust and dirt to enter the engine causing potential problems.  Other problems may arise from them chewing on wiring, hoses, tubing, and other circuitry.  This may lead to thousands of dollars in repairs.

The second, less common place and the most hazardous is inside of the HVAC system.  Mice can make there way into this system in many different ways.  They can enter thought the cars vents, holes around cables, steering columns, and even through a partially open window.  Once inside the vents, they typically make there way into the blower motor assembly and build a nest.  Mice are very dirty and disease ridden which makes it a very serious issue once inside the HVAC system.  Every time the air conditioner or heater is active, it spreads all these germs and diseases throughout the air inside the cabin.  Mice have a very distinct smell, which would be a tell tale sign if they are present.

Vehicles that tend to sit during the winter months are usually the most vulnerable.  Their are many different ways to try to deter rodents from getting into your vehicle.  Some include using Bounce dryer sheets placed under the hood and inside of the vehicle. Others have used cedar shavings or peppermint oil to help combat a mouse issue.  Trash, whether inside the vehicle or outside can attract mice.  A car that is clean on the inside is less likely to attract rodents.  Removing all paper, garbage, tissues, and food is the easiest thing to do.  If you have pets, keep all food in a sealed container.  Avoid leaving any open water containers inside your vehicle. Mice like all creatures need water and its harder to find in winter months.  If you believe you may have an issue we can help you take care of it.

Is it time to have your air filter or cabin filter replaced?  Air Filters should be replaced every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.  Dusty conditions require earlier replacement.  Cabin filters need to be replaced once a year.

Blue #4 State Inspection stickers expire April 30th


Milo’s Corner

Milo would like to remind all pet owners that with the receding snow and warmer temperatures skunks will be more active. When letting pets outside without a leash be on the lookout for Pepe Le Pew.

March 2018

News Letter

Issue 8

Things That Shake and Things That Flash The days are getting longer, it is March and that feeling of spring is in the air! However, there is still the potential for more snow and cold days. So lets look at some of the issues that we can be experiencing with our cars during these cold days.

Your driving down one of our paved roadways and all of a sudden the whole car begins to shake, the steering wheel is vibrating in your hands and you think your car is going to fall apart on you. Likely culprit, snow or mud packed in your wheels causing them to be unbalanced and producing the vibration and shaking. See if you can knock the snow or mud out of the rims or if you have a warm place you can bring your car into, you can let the warmth do it’s job and melt the snow. If all else fails, bring your car into Greensboro Garage and they can take care of it for you.

Then there is the problem of all those lights that pop up on your dash board. Take for instance the Tire Pressure Monitor System light (TPMS). This system monitors the air pressure in your tire and when there is a drop in pressure the light comes on. In winter, cold temperatures cause the air in your tires to condense taking up less space. This makes the TPMS think that there is not enough air in the tire and the light on your dash board comes on in the morning when you start your car. As the tire warms and the air expands, the TMPS system senses a correct tire pressure and the light will go out. Even if the TPMS light goes off, it is a good idea to check the air in all your tires.

Another one of those flashing lights is the Traction Control System (TCS). Since about 2012 all cars and trucks are equipped with traction control. The TCS works with the Antilock Brake System (ABS) by using the same wheel speed sensors. These sensors pick up any tire slippage as the car accelerates or when hitting those icy patches. If the car begins to lose traction, the sensors detect if one wheel is spinning faster than another wheel and will reduce the power and/or apply the brake to the wheel that is slipping. This then sends power to the other wheel that has more traction and you will see the TCS light on your dash flash to let you know the system is functioning.

Vibrating cars and flashing lights may be a part of winter, however, the key is that if the car still shakes and the lights do not go out, it is time to bring your car into Greensboro Garage to have them do a thorough check over. Stay safe out there, spring is just around the corner!

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All our rentals are equipped with winter tires.

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Join WonderArts presentation of the film “DREAM, GIRL”

To be presented on March 8th, 2018, 6:30pm at the Hardwick Town House

The film is a documentary show casing stories of inspiring and ambitious female entrepreneurs.

Following the film there will be a panel discussion with eight of the Northeast Kingdoms local female entrepreneurs, one of which is Joann Lacasse of Greensboro Garage.

The film is being sponsored by Greensboro Garage and is free to the public.

Milo’s Corner

Milo said he can smell spring in the air and wants to remined all pet owners that with the warm weather Mr. Skunk is out and about. So keep an eye on your pets, as that is one spring time aroma that you really don’t want to grace your pet!